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If you purchase the Customised Fields Add-On you will also have additional classifications made available to you in the Setup Menu.

Custom Client Fields enable you to customise additional fields at the client level. These are measures that are only recorded once at the time of the referral. These fields could be initial demographic information about the client which your organisation needs to measure. An example could be employment status or level of education. It could also be an initial measure on a particular scale that you want to use as a baseline to measure against future consults. Or if you have clients funded from different sources, you could define the funding source.

Custom Consult Fields enable you to set specific measures that you may need to be measuring each time you meet with a client, such as outcome measures, risk assessment, progress indicators, scales or other statistics you need to track.

You have the option of defining the fields to show as drop-down menus, or to show as blank text fields for you to type information.

Once setup, your classifications will then be incorporated into the database for when you enter information and you can then search by these classifications as well.

This powerful customisation tool enables you to set up Consult ONE to meet your needs!

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