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The team from Tauranga, New Zealand, have developed a software package to meet a need for affordable software that can be used by counsellors and mental health practitioners.

Consult ONE is an online server based programme that allows you to easily store and access information about clients and sessions. The information is stored securely with encryption and back-ups.

Consult ONE enables you to manage client information, record consultations and activity, search information and print a variety of reports.

The software was originally developed so that information can be stored and exported in a way that is compatible with PRIMHD (Programme for the Integration of Mental Health Data). PRIMHD is a Ministry of Health database which is used to collect national mental health and addiction information, recording service activity and outcomes.

The software also has the flexibility to allow you to set your own coding and so it is suitable for anyone working in the counselling field.


For more information about how the system works click here for an overview of each section.