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Consult ONE is a web-based programme so you can access it on any computer, tablet or smart device that has access to the internet. This means Consult ONE is compatible with Windows based Computers, Android Tablets, as well as Apple Mac, iPad and iPhones.

Consult ONE is divided into different sections which enable you to navigate to different features, just like navigating through a website.




The Setup Section is used initially to set up the classifications to meet your needs. This may include information about where you met with a client, or who referred them to you, enabling drop-down menus for easy entry. Only the person who is given the administrator login will be able to do this. Practitioners with a general password will not be able to access and change the classifications.

The basic package comes with standard classifications, or you can choose to purchase a Customised Field Add-On where you can add more classifications at the client or consultation level that generate either 'drop-down' lists or empty text boxes.



The Clients Section is the place where new information is entered, information on the Client and the sessions held with the client.

Here you are able to enter information about your new client by selecting from the drop down list (as you defined these in the SETUP section). You can also attach any relevant files (such as photos, diagrams, scanned notes).




The Reports Section is where you will go to find and export information from the database. Some reports will also give you the ability to click to edit/update entries.

You can choose to generate a list of your consults over a date range or by specific parameters. An advanced filter allows you to even search for a particular word!

You can also search for information on particular clients, such as contact details, or generate a client database for mail merges. If you want to see your history with a client you can see a list of all your consults and communication with options for a general list, or a report containing your confidential session notes.




The Management Section is an additional add-on that can be purchased. This section would be used by someone in management in the organisation who wants to find information about overall statistics for some or all users. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you need to easily track the places where clients are being seen by each practitioner?
  • Or what the main activity is? Or who is referring the most clients?
  • Do you need to see at a glance how many hours are spent on consultations?
  • Or how many clients are not showing up to appointments?
  • Or which staff member is seeing the most clients?

That's Easy!! ... just a few clicks and your results are displayed!

All these reports can be viewed on screen or exported to Word/Excel for further analysis.