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Integrated Client Forms

 Screening, Assessment, and Evaluation Tools & Forms


We are very excited to have integrated a number of standard tools and forms into Consult ONE:

  • PRIMHD (Project for the integration of Mental Health Data)
  • Alcohol & Drug Outcome Measure (ADOM)
  • Severity of Dependence Scale (SDS)
  • Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)
  • Cannabis Use Disorder Identification Test (CUDIT-R)
  • Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI)
  • Kessler -10 Anxiety and Depression Checklist (K10)
  • Hua Oranga (Currently in Development) + Many More!!

We are continuing to develop in this area so please let us know if there is a something particular that you would like to see us integrate into our system!


At Consult ONE we offer to work with you to create something specific to your own needs, including Team Reports, Feedback Forms, Prescription Forms, Workplace Planning, and Service Developed Assessments!

Direct upload link to PRIMHD

We are pleased to announce the release of our integrated direct upload link to PRIMHD, the Ministry of Health's national data collection for mental health and addiction. This new integrated system allows current statistics to be uploading directly to the Ministry, without the need for manual input into the PRIMHD web-based interface, which is currently being used by the majority of NGOs under contract. This in itself will free up considerable administration hours for users, allowing them more time to focus on their clients, all the while reducing costs and overheads for the organisation. Click here for pricing details.

ADOM (Alcohol and Drug Outcome Measure)

Running alongside PRIMHD is also the ADOM reporting, which became compulsory for all NGO and DHB addiction services from July 2015.

Customised Fields

While our basic licence package caters for most organisations, we recognise the diversity of contracts which may require additional statistical tracking to meet funding conditions. To help cater for this, we now offer 'Customised Fields' which allow the user to add extra fields to enter and track additional data. Click here for more details.

File Confidentiality

We are committed to providing confidentiality to your clients. We offer this through three different systems.
1) Our CLOSED system is for organisations who prefer that all client data entered by a practitioner is only accessible by that practitioner.
2) Our OPEN system, is provided for organisations who prefer that all practitioners have access to all information in the system.*
3) Our OPEN CLIENT / CLOSED CONSULT system will provide a graduated level of confidentiality. A shared client database can be accessed across users, however each user's confidential notes remain only accessible by the person who entered them.
*We suggest organisations who adopt this open system take extra precautions regarding confidentiality.


Each basic licence now has a user calender where you can add appointments and can set reminders and recurrences.

Advanced Filter

This highly powerful advanced filter will allow you to produce a report and then filter the report by any field where data has been stored.


In the final stages of development:

This will enable the tracking of any changes made to your client data.  Perfect for organisations who want some assurance they can track changes made to important information.

This feature will enable you to create your own events – linking your clients to these events and tracking their status in attendance.

A version of Consult ONE will be available that will enable you to access your key data, in a layout designed specifically for mobile phones.  So looking up your client’s details and activity will be even easier on your phone.