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Consult ONE - Making Client Management Easy

Welcome to Consult ONE, the home of software for counsellors.  Consult ONE is specifically designed for New Zealand counsellors, practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers. Consult ONE is simple to use, yet powerful enough to manage all your statistics and reporting requirements.  Your data is secure and encrypted for safekeeping.  All of this is at a price that is within reach of any budget.


Struggling to balance all your contract requirements, client information, assessments and statistics?

Let us help you piece it all together!


100% Online - Access Anywhere Securely

Consult ONE is secure, online software for counsellors allowing 24 hour access to your data. Any computer, tablet, or smart phone device with a modern browser (like Firefox), and an internet connection can access your information.

Track Stats Like A Pro

Easy Statistical Reports

With just a few clicks you can get all the statistics you need. Find out how many hours you've spent one-on-one with clients... or how many male clients aged over 30 years old... or how many clients Do Not Attend their appointments.

Customised Reports

If you have a specific report that you need to report to external funders/contractors, then we can work with you to design a report to do the work for you... Just a few clicks to export the report instead of hours mining through your paperwork!

Management Pack-Activity Chart
primhd upload

Integrated PRIMHD Direct Upload

Don't wast time re-entering your data into the PRIMHD website

PRIMHD is the Ministry of Health’s national data collection for mental health and addiction. Our Consult ONE integrated Direct Upload Link to PRIMHD allows current statistics to be uploaded directly to the Ministry, without the need for manual input into the PRIMHD web-based interface.

This will eliminate hours of hard work!
Once entered into Consult ONE you only need to check the data for accuracy and then click the button to send the Data direct to PRIMHD.

 You will no longer need to logon to the PRIMHD website